Celebrity supporters

Simon Cowell – Television Producer, Entrepreneur, and Television Personality

“Anyone who could be cruel to an animal is totally sick in my mind. If I could do a shout out to anyone, it would be for a charity called K-9 Angels… who protect a lot of dogs who have been treated really badly….. Look up K-9 Angels. They are trying to help the dogs in Asia.”

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Peter Egan – Highly renowned TV, Film and theatre actor, best known for playing smooth neighbour Paul Ryman in 1980s sitcom Ever Decreasing Circles.

“I fully support the work that The K-9 Angels do in helping the street dogs of Romania and the victims of the Thai meat trade. Consider adopting a dog instead of buying and help save a life today, and if you can’t adopt a dog, donate towards one of their spay and neuter programmes or to help them supply medical aid and food out to these poor dogs.”

Will Travers OBE – CEO of The Born Free Foundation

“At Born Free we know that being compassionate means caring for all life. We go to extraordinary lengths to help big cats, elephants, dolphins, primates and other creatures in need. It’s appalling to me that so many companion animals, individuals that trust us  and look to us for their very lives, are  treated so cruelly. But change is coming. K-9 Angels helps give abandoned, abused and neglected dogs a second chance. I support K-9 Angels – I hope you will too.”

Ashleigh & Pudsey – winners of Britain’s Got Talent 2012

“Hi, this is Ashleigh and Pudsey, and we support The K-9 Angels. They are doing a fantastic job rehoming stray dogs from countries where dog welfare is well below Britain’s standards. Please help by donating to this charity, so that more dogs can have a second chance of a happier life.”

Marc the vet – Celebrity TV Vet and Founder of Pup Aid
Benedict Garrett – Star of Big Brother
Kevin McNally – British Actor & Star of Pirates of the Caribbean

“I am so happy support this project as anyone who has done any travelling will be aware that not everyone shares our love of and care for dogs. So when the K9 Angels asked us to help, myself and my pal Carlos leapt at the chance. We hope you will too. Lets help this fabulous trio to save dogs and perhaps educate others in the welfare of our loyal four-legged, big-hearted friends.”

(Photo: Kevin McNally with Carlos)

Jilly Johnson – author and ex-model

“Anneka, Pola & Victoria 3 blonde bombshells who personally sacrifice so much in order to rescue and re-home dogs. I respect you and salute you. Long live The K9 Angels!!!”

Steve Backshall – UK Wildlife Presenter

“Human beings have a unique bond to the dog family. Dogs have worked for us and been our friends for several thousands of years. It’s time we repaid our debts. Good luck to all at K-9″

Meg Matthews