The Daily Mail Dogs

Daily Mail journalist Liz Jones accompanied The K-9 Angels out to Romania as she wanted to see for herself what it is like.

While they were out there, they selected five dogs to be saved from a cramped public shelter. Liz Jones has decided to adopt two of the five dogs; the other three dogs are available for adoption.

All inquiries need to be routed via our ‘contact us’ page on this website or via the message box on our Facebook page:

Adoptions are subject to a full successful homecheck and a donation to help cover the transport costs from Romania to the UK. (We only adopt to families with kids over 5 and with work hours that will not affect the socialisation of this dog into the household)


Mabel is a small-medium size extremely affectionate and loving female dog. Estimated at being around 1 year old. She looks like a golden spaniel mix. She is very forward and loving. We think she will do well with both kids and also other dogs.

Mable reached out with her small paw to grab us through the bars when we were out in Romania, how could we say no to such a wonderful dog who wanted out so very badly. She licked our faces to say thankyou for helping her.


Robert is a small-medium very sweet and docile male dog. Estimated at being around around 1 year old. He looks like a dachund mix. We think he will be good with both kids and other dogs.

We selected little Robert as we noticed his testicular sack was open after a botched neutering job at the state shelter. Many dogs die of infection due to neutering being done badly, so we wanted to take him out to treat his poor post op injury and also because he had such a calm and sweet demeanour.

ANGEL (aka ‘Sad Eyes’)

Poor little Angel with those big sad eyes. We fell in love with her due to her broken spirit and wanted to change her life.

She is a little on the nervous side and will do really well with an older couple in a calm and quiet household. She will be fine with other dogs, but perhaps only kids over 12 years so she can have a calm and peaceful existence. She needs a new family who will teach her to be happy again and have plenty of time to spend on her.