K-9 International Angels

Romanian Angels

Madalina Nanu
Madalina is a greatly loved rescuer in Craiova Romania and rescued our very first K-9 dog Angel. She works helping to pick up strays and helps home from Craiova’s state shelter.
Raluca Simion
Raluca runs Red Panda in Bucharest and her facilities are immaculate. She is a solid rock and gives so much great advice and helps others so very readily.
Laura Fincu
Laura works with Adoptii Cartei in Bucharest and helps so many Romania street dogs; she is hoping to extend her facilities this year giving much more hope to the street dogs.
Liliana Ambrus
Liliana is a strong and fabulous lady who fights strongly for what she believes in – she understands the dogs very well and has sent over many amazing dogs for rehoming.
Eleonora Vassiliou
Originally from Cyprus, Eleonora is a volunteer for Asociatia Pethope in Timisoara. Beautiful face and heart, always there to help us prepare the chosen dogs for their new lives.
Raluca Ceausu
A volunteer for Asociatia Pethope, Raluca will never walk past an animal or person in need. She has a heart of gold and has changed so many lives of animals and humans alike.
Bia JanninBia Jannin – Craiova
AdinaAdina – Asociatia Prieten Credincios
Asociatia Pet Hope
Speranta Pentru Craiova

Thai Angels

Kharn Bee
Bee is one of the few people in Thailand who spends every living and waking hour helping the dogs rescued from the sickening meat trade. She is an angel on earth and is tireless in her work. We salute you Bee.

Cypriot Angels

Rena DilitouRena Dilitou