Our adoption process

K-9 Angels have found forever homes and foster homes for many dogs and it is very important that we adhere to a strict policy when it comes to the welfare of our dogs.

If you would like to adopt or foster a dog, please take a few moments to read through the process

1) If you would like to adopt or foster, please first contact us through the contact page
2) Once we have your interest, we will arrange for a home check to be carried out by one of our team
3) If the home check goes well, then we will discuss with you the right dog for your family
4) You will be able to select a dog from our list and we will make inquiries for you
5) An adoption fee will need to be paid in order to secure the dog. This will cover the passport, vaccinations and fit to travel certificate. Any additional veterinary costs will be declared to you up front.
6) An adoption form will need to be completed and signed.
7) For Romanian dogs, we will book the dog onto a transport van which leaves Romania approx once a week. Romanian dogs can be with you in as little as 28 days. For rescued Thai meat trade dogs, they have a 3 month wait while their blood tests are processed and will fly after approx 3 months.
8) We will follow up with some casual home checks after you have adopted the dog to make sure everything works out well for you
9) If you can no longer keep the dog, you MUST return the dog to us, no one else.
10) We are not responsible for additional vet fees once the dog is in your care – we would suggest taking out insurance from the moment the dog arrives.
11) The rescuers in Romania and Thailand would love to have photos and updates about your dog which we would be allowed to post to Facebook and our official website.
12) If you are a fosterer, you need to discuss with K-9 Angels about the clients you are assessing for your foster dogs, as all clients need to be second approved by K-9 Angels before officially being adopted

If you answer yes to any of the following, a dog is not for you:

Do you work all day long, and the dog will be left alone in the house for more than 4 hours every day?
Do you have aggressive dogs or far too many dogs all cramped together?
Is your garden unsecure and do you refuse to secure it?
Are you unable or unwilling to cover vet fees?
Are you uncomfortable with future home checks from K-9 Angels?
Do you want a pure breed dog and nothing else?
Do you have children under the age of six?
Well, if you answered NO to the last set of questions…..CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Please proceed to our contact page and send us an email!!!