The K-9 Angels

Pola is a singer and songwriter, best known for her album ‘My Favourite Town’. Apart from music, animal welfare is her great passion and she is dedicated to using her presence in the media to make a difference for homeless animals. It was when she re-homed two adult dogs, who weren’t wanted by their owners anymore, that she realised there are many dogs like this out there, and many of them end up being put down to sleep or used for dog fighting. She fosters animals who are in need of forever homes and supports many animal charities. Her dream is to live in a world where people adopt dogs instead of breeding them or buying in pet shops.
VictoriaVictoria Eisermann is a model, entrepreneur, animal rights activist and a Mum to 5 dogs, two of which, Mica and Benjy, were Romanian strays now living happily in the UK. She is better known for appearing in the Guinness commercial and being the ‘Birds Eye Pea’ girl in their commercial. Victoria’s love of animals dates back to an early age when her father brought two fluffy baby chicks home, when she was just 6 years old. It was then that she turned vegetarian and became a vegan in 2004. Victoria has participated in many animal rights campaigns with PETA (People for the ethical treatment of animals) and Animal Aid. In 2011 Victoria climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for the children’s charity ‘Flying Kites’, and in 2012 was a contestant in ‘Total Wipeout’ for BBC1, and ‘Big Brother’ on Channel 5. She has more TV in the pipeline. Victoria’s dream is to have her own animal sanctuary as helping and being around animals is her passion.

Co-founder Anneka Svenska left the charity in 2014. Anneka is an actress turned Natural History Presenter and feature writer. Known for her work with wolves and dogs, Anneka has worked alongside animals from an early age. She is most well known for fronting the Channel 5 movie show outTHERE for 3 years and more recently as contributing to various animals shows as an expert advisor, such as Its me or the Dog, Daybreak TV, Steve Irwin and Brainiac. She has written articles on dogs and wolves for magazines such as Dogs Today and K9 Magazine.