Romanian strays

The K-9 Angels have an ongoing campaign to help the street dogs of Romania which includes:

: Rehoming a small amount of streetdogs every month
: Paying for vet bills and medical expenses incurred by Romanian rescuers out on the field
: Paying for foster and shelter for Romanian strays
: Funding food to feed stray and shelter dogs
: Mass Spay and neuter campaigns
: Fundraising to build new shelters for the private rescuers
: Fighting to improve the conditions of the Romanian State shelters
: Liaising with government officials to improve the welfare of Romanian street dogs
: Funding Rescue Missions out to Romania in order to liaise with officials, save street dogs and meet rescuers on the field
: UK based publicity campaigns aimed at raising money and generating attention towards the street dog situation
: UK based fundraising campaigns which have included auctions, dog walks, dog shows and sponsored events

To understand more the total despair of the street dogs out in Romania, on the cusp of Romania joining the EU as a full member, please read our following article in The Stray Today: