Anna Williams / Betty & Happy

“I met Rebecca (and Zoey) in September and straight away was drawn to her compassion for animals. Rebecca went on to tell me about all the amazing work K-9 Angels do and from that moment I was hooked. This also meant that my partner Justin was also going to be hooked… We then had a house check from Rebecca who met our existing mad dogs and agreed that we could have a rescue dog. We then adopted Betty. We met Eli transport at Dover and I have to admit I cried so much that first time I saw the vans full of dogs. Could hardly speak to the transport team. These are the lucky ones, the ones that have homes. I was annoyed with myself for not bringing food, blankets etc for them to take back to Romania. We took Betty home and she was so worried and confused but so loving and affectionate. She changed daily and is growing up so quickly.

We then saw another sad face “Happy” who was a 12 year old dog that had been looking for a home for 2 years. He reminded us of Justin’s dog. As soon as he saw him he said we must have him. It was decided we would “foster” him. Anneka was so lovely and so pleased we were having him as she said no one will want a 12 year old dog. Well that was in December just before Xmas and as you can imagine he is now staying with us as we couldn’t imagine being without him. If anything he is easier than Betty who was about 8 months old when we got her.

K-9 Angels have been so good offering help, advice and support right from day one. I know that they are so passionate about what they do and the dogs’ welfare is the most import thing. Both Justin and I would like to thank you all but especially Claire, Rebecca, Anneka and Madalina (who rescued Betty). Thank you for listening to me going on about how wonderful our Romy dogs are, we truly love them to bits as do our other 2 dogs. They are like one big family.”

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