Emma de Sousa / Bonnie & Clyde (Romanian Rescue)

“My story started back in October 2012 when my husband and daughter went to our local pub where the K9-Angels were celebrating their first anniversary. My daughter, who is 10, came back with so many stories of all the wonderful dogs she had met there and their amazing stories of how and where they had been rescued from. For many years all my three children had been asking for another dog (our last dog was a Labrador who we had when my eldest was 2 and my middle child was a new born) but I had been reluctant to have one as I still had a child at nursery and I was in the process of starting a new floristry business – life was just too hectic and we often travelled abroad – what would I do with a dog when we went away? I started reading some of the stories on the K9-Angels website and it all just put things into perspective for me and a few tears were shed that night. My youngest son had just started school, the business was going well (I work from home so I am always around) and the time just felt right. I felt we could offer a good home to a needy dog and so the search began. I saw Clyde (then he was called Hans) on the Angels facebook page and sent them a message. Only three Romanian puppies had survived out of seven and one had already been adopted in the UK so we decided we would offer the little boy a home. The little girl now called Bonnie was the only remaining pup so after a couple of weeks and still no home had been found for her we decided that we would adopt both pups, and I can honestly say it’s the best thing we ever did! After a home check and bit of paper work our two new family members arrived on December the 8th. Scared at first it was amazing how quickly they settled in. We expected night time crying and lots of accidents but they have been amazing from day one. We cannot remember life without them and this year we took our first UK holiday just so our beloved dogs could come with us. When we go away in the summer we have arranged housesitters to care for all our animals (we also have cats, chickens and quails) and so everything has worked out perfectly. They are so gentle with all the children and have a special bond with them – I was worried about adopting two dogs but they are such great company for each other – we would definitely consider adopting one more once the ‘babies’ have grown up a bit. Offering a home to one of these special dogs is truly an amazing thing to do – not only do are you giving a chance to something that has had such a hard start in life but they bring so much to you too – the dogs bring calm to our household, we are all spending more time with each other because of the dogs and I can honestly say they are the best thing to happen to me in a long time. We all love them so much – I can’t recommend a rescue dog enough.”

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