Ben Smith & Frouwina Flesher / Kai
“Kai was born, along with his siblings, as a stray in Romania. His would have been a tragic end if not for the Angels, who found them in a field which was about to be bulldozed. Kai was described as being the ‘shy’ one of the litter, despite being the biggest, and it was expected that he would take a bit of work.

Following our home-check we decided, with the help of Anneka, that Kai would be the best choice, as we have 6 other dogs, which would be able to teach him to be more confident. So the decision was made – suddenly it all seemed real! I was surprised by how efficient the adoption system was, and within a fortnight I was on my way to pick up ‘little’ Kai. After an agonising wait, the van arrived, and I found myself with a slightly dazed and shell-shocked puppy.

After a long drive home, Kai was rather bemused by the events of the last few days, and clearly anxious. I wasn’t sure how he would react to coming into the house for the first time, yet managed to coax him through the front door. Straight away, Kai darted into the corner of room, shivering.

Suddenly, this rather timid puppy’s tail started to wag furiously as he noticed the other dogs. As Koda the husky came up to say ‘hello,’ Kai bounced over to greet her, and within seconds it appeared that they had known each other all their lives! Kai played, and ran, and played, and then ran some more, and seemed to completely forget that he was meant to be shy and scared!

It is now 3 weeks since Kai came to join the pack, and he has turned into an absolute superstar. He is confident around people and all dogs, and seems to bring out the best in his canine companions. Every day, he becomes slightly cheekier, more affectionate, and shows a real desire to learn.

Through adopting Kai, it seems that he has rescued us as much as we him, having lost 3 of our pack members within a year. He has brought so much energy and fun to the pack, which even the oldies appreciate!

K-9 Angels have given us a fantastic gift in Kai, and I could not possibly thank them enough. In taking on a K-9 Angels dog, you become a member of a remarkable community that makes lives better for dogs across the world.”

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