Carol Farquharson / Mia and Roxi
“In 2012 my husband and I adopted two amazing dogs via K-9 Angels and life as we know it, changed for the better.
We already had 3 little dogs, all boys, but once we saw the plight of so many dogs on K-9 Angels website we knew we could not ignore the need of these dogs and we decided to adopt.

Our first little (or not so little) adoptee was Roxi. Roxi is a Romanian street dog and she was rescued and fostered in Romania. The first pic we saw of her made us want to cuddle her and give her lots of love and the only way we could do that is to adopt her. Roxi arrived home with us in August and she had no problem settling down with our 3 boys.

Mia, our little DMT survivor, arrived in November from Thailand, and whereas she arrived after Roxi, Mia was actually our first adoption through K-9 Angels. We had to wait a long 4 (almost 5) months for her to arrive home with us but we had videos and photos of her to keep us going.
Again, as with Roxi, Mia settled in pretty fast and while I am not saying it was plain sailing, the upsets were few and far between.
These 2 little furbabies had a really bad start in life and it is a joy to see them acting like normal dogs, running and playing all together as if they didn’t have a care in the world and it’s like they have been with us forever.

Thanks to K-9 Angels, three wonderful, dedicated, animal loving women who save so many lives and give hope to so many more.
We highly recommend adopting a rescue dog. They have so much love to give and they are a pleasure to have around.”

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