Ian Bonner / Bono

“After losing my best friend Robbie, a Yorkshire Terrier, in 2012, I found it hard to imagine having another dog. I had been following K9 Angels for quite some time on Facebook and regularly read the horrific stories from Romania.

One evening in October I noticed an Angels post about Bono. For some unknown reason I knew he was ‘the one’. As my partner says, ‘You don’t find animals, they find you’.

I contacted the charity within minutes of seeing him. This was my chance to not just sympathise but to actually make a difference to his life. I was determined to to let anything stop that from happening. Within a few days a home-check was arranged by Anneka, which we passed, and giving Bono a safe home, off the streets forever, was going to become a reality.

From the very first day he arrived he has slotted straight in, integrating seamlessly into our family and his new surroundings. He is such a loving, affectionate dog. His behaviour on the lead and around the house is amazing.

We couldn’t have wished for a better outcome and companion, and we put this down to the tireless work of the K9 Angels and their associates. I have already recommended the Angels to a number of friends, so hopefully there will be more finding a safe forever home.”

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