Thailand meat trade

The K-9 Angels have an ongoing campaign to help the victims of the dog meat trade in Thailand which includes:

: Rehoming a small amount of meat trade dogs per year (quite hard due to costs and travel)
: Raising awareness of the situation regarding the meat trade in Thailand
: Supporting certain individual rescuers out in Thailand and funding their expenses
: Encouraging spay and neuter campaigns in Thailand
: Fundraising to build better facilities to house the victims of the meat trade
: Fundraising to build better foster centres to rehabilitate victims of the meat trade
: Fundraising to hire vets and staff which will be needed to run these foster centres and clinics
: Tackling the meat trade on a political level
: UK based demonstrations and fundraising
: Creating a network of rescuers based in both Thailand and the UK to help save more victims of the meat trade

To understand more the horrific situation about Thailand’s meat trade and how it is fuelled by corruption and gangsters, please read the following article in the K-9 Angel’s Stray Today: